The 1982 (2012) Yankees: The Poem

by Hart Seely

Steve Balboni at the plate,
Dave Collins really swings the bat.
Juan Espino? He’ll be great!
Roy Smalley fields just like a cat!

This Yankee team, remember when?
Those future talents, to be found.
It’s nineteen-eighty-two again!
And Dave LaRouche is on the mound.

Here’s Tommy John, age thirty-nine.
And Lee Mazzilli, batting first,
Is there, by chance, a stronger wine?
I’ve grown a Bobby Meacham thirst.

Curt Kaufman’s warming in the pen,
Another save shall not be blown.
It’s nineteen-eighty-two again,
Now batting, catcher Rick Cerone.

It’s only May; we’ll start anew,
We really can’t be in such shambles.
We’ve Jeter, ARod, Swisher, too.
Not Hobsons, Dents and Oscar Gambles.

Alas, I feel intense new fears.
It’s twenty-twelve… or am I wrong?
If eighty-two, I need some beers,
The next Depression’s twelve years long.

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The 1982 (2012) Yankees: The Poem: 2 Comments

  1. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Maybe the reason
    is the team “collective sense”
    now hyperbolic

  2. Madhav wrote,

    Thanks, Martin! This map was a real conceptual and grpacihal challenge. You are right, there are seemingly infinite variables that go into reception and broadcast area (ionospheric conditions, ground water, height of antenna, weather, c and that’s to say nothing of the radio or the radio waves themselves, which also vary wildly). Still, I think people want to see a best guess . These areas, from the FCC (I tried and failed to render the contours myself using various algorithms), are fairly conservative. I’ve listened to Red Sox games as far away as Northern Nova Scotia. All you need are the perfect conditions, right? Perhaps you could catch a Red Sox game one of these days? Ha probably not, eh?

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