The Bookkeepers Talk Baseball

by Jim Daniels

Betsy says a friend of hers
went to high school with Kirk Gibson
and that he was stuck up even then.

Debbie says Frank is taking her
to one of those things
where they play two games in one day.
What’s it called, a double bubble?
She makes a face: I can hardly stand one game
much less two.

Jack, the burly security guard says
it’s too damn boring. Everybody
standing around picking their asses.

I sit at my desk
flipping through accounts, pulling overdrafts.
My ass squirms in padded comfort
longing for the bleacher’s hard bench.

Arnold says he likes it better
on tv. Why go to the ballpark,
he asks, and deal with the traffic
and the crowds?

Better on tv?
Get yer red hots heah!
Coke! Iiiiiiice Cooooold Coke!
Crack of bat on ball. Smell
of stale cigars and spilled beer.
Seventh inning stretch.
Cold beer in the sun.

Cold beer in the sun.
I bang my seat
to start up a rally.

Jim Daniels is the Thomas Stockham Baker Professor of English at Carnegie Mellon University.  His newest story collection, TRIGGER MAN: More Tales of the Motor City, is now available, and can be ordered from Amazon here.

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The Bookkeepers Talk Baseball: 1 Comment

  1. Alazia wrote,

    Nationals may seek to bolster the rotioatn but prefer bench bat first. Nationals Phil HughesYankees Danny Espinosa. Espinosa is lousy at hitting but arm strength and power switching hitter are always more attractive than Eduardo Nunez the prone. Working on swinging mechanic in the minor right now but he could continue working on it with Kevin Long. He is perfect power hitter to spell out Arod and Jeter next year. Could be a full time 2B if Yanks idiotically passed on Cano. Espinosa won’t become a full FA until after 2016. Getting Espinosa can allow Yankees to package Nunez and Adams for whoever Yankees wants to bolster 1b or bench. thoughts?

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