The Green-Eyed Monster

by James Finn Garner

Pity the poor Red Sox.

Yesterday’s underdog,
Former Team of Destiny,
The A.L.’s demanding darling.

It’s hard to punch your underdog card
With the second biggest payroll around,
Plus Ortiz, Ramirez, Beckett, Papelbon,
And all the guys in biker beards.

No longer the sentimental favorite,
The team that is due.
They grow up so fast these days.
Now a financial juggernaut
That must win win win
To satisfy the local yankees
And thwart the distant ones,
Bleeding away their charm
Faster than Schillling.

The wise man said,
“Choose your enemies well, for you will come to resemble them.”
Who knew Sun Tzu
Was a Red Sox fan?

Posted 10/24/07 

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