2013 AL East Prediction Haiku

By Stuart Shea

The Orioles soared…
Does anyone believe they
Can fly high again?

With no Valentine,
Can the Olde Towne Team win back
Bleeding Boston hearts?

Old Yankee soldiers
May not die, but do tend to
End up disabled

Rays fans hold out hope
That good pitching can make up
For that weird infield

When blue jays make noise
It signals that something is
Wrong in the forest

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2013 AL East Prediction Haiku: 2 Comments

  1. John Shea wrote,


    They’ll win every game
    Just so long as every game
    Is tied after nine

  2. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Catching conundrums.
    Baseball . . . each hard pitch unique.
    It’s those odd numbers.

    But numbers do count.
    Penciled now/then each summer.
    Baseball memories. . . .

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