“And He LINES to Third for the Second Out of the Inning!”

by Todd Herges

Harry Caray, a cup ‘o Bud and thou:
A day-game audience tuned to Channel 9.
With Stone up in the booth to keep it sane,
Up to the plate steps Galarraga now.
The bums in left all crowd around The Man,
Girls topped in bikinis fight to kiss his cheek.
Harry would like to do this every week
But risks abound:  beer vendors in the stands.

(He can’t quite hold it like he did in youth.)
Late in the game, while drinking his last pitcher –
Though bleacher visits each time thrill the crowd –
Steve must correct his mis-call from the booth:
“Um, Harry, that was thrown from the catcher.
The Big Cat, Galarraga, just struck out.”


Posted 6/15/2009

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