Cub Haikus

by Jay Raemont

Cubs in the Playoffs?
Maybe if the sun don’t shine
On poisoned ivy.

What is it they say?
Pride goeth before the Fall.
And so too, the Cubs.

Will this be the YEAR?!?
Many millions only hope–
Please do it for Ron!


Posted 5/27/2009

Published in Chicago Cubs, Chicago Cubs, Haiku | Link to this poem | 1 Comment

Cub Haikus: 1 Comment

  1. Tiara wrote,

    Since you are such a genius (and so elenqout), answer this question: If you were moving into a new arena and the entire NYC and NJ press corps was attending a media tour of your new building, would you make sure that you had a warm body present to promote your product?If you don’t agree then you are a numb scull- better yet, your brain is numb. You are CLUELESS about PR, the media and marketing.

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