To-Do List

By Ember Nickel
There’s more than clocks that must be cleaned in spring:
Some clocks were cleaned, but we don’t need them here.
There’s new faces to meet, all who will bring
Something different to their team for this year.
So say hello to Halladay. Don’t say
That Placido need be placid, though. Greet
Greenhorns around the leagues. Proudly call “hey”
To Justin Heyward and each star you meet.
Try your best to keep up with Garrett Jones.
Welcome back Marcum. Spring’s glories fade fast
So soak it all in before it all drones
Into no more than murmurs of the past.
Learn more of phenoms that you may have heard
Just briefly of. Say hi. Welcome a Byrd.


Posted 4/21/2010

Published in Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, Players, Sonnets, Toronto Blue Jays | Link to this poem | No Comments

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