Why Can’t the Dodgers Be More Like the Cards?

by James Finn Garner

Don Mattingly’s LA Dodgers,
According to some hot-stove codgers,
Have flouted the unwritten rules
And shown themselves obnoxious tools.

Puig should do as he is told,
Not act like a 22-year-old.
And jumping in the D-Backs’ pool?
Uncool, Tinseltown Tots, uncool.

Dodgers, give heed to the reporters
For your endless list of oughtas.
Obey them when you’re hitting and scoring
And keep the game St. Louis boring.


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Why Can’t the Dodgers Be More Like the Cards?: 1 Comment

  1. Michael X. Ferraro wrote,

    There’s too much gesticulation
    in the field of Dodger nation!
    Just sit on your hands,
    slight nod to the stands–
    That’s quite enough celebration.

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