Chillinois, You Put Me in a Frozen State

by Hilary Barta

There’s a pall on the breeze in the air
Though there’s ball, for the freeze they prepare
.    In Chicago the fans
.    make their long winter plans
as they fall on their knees in despair

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Chillinois, You Put Me in a Frozen State: 2 Comments

  1. Ember Nickel wrote,

    Alas for the end of the sport.
    The good news that I can report
    Is that I’m not there yet, nah.
    (Minnesota, you betcha!)

    …Well. It is good news of a /sort/.

  2. Norm Knott wrote,

    The teams are as cold
    as the weather’s become
    Dreams shatter
    Teeth chatter
    as we all grow old
    and all pleasure goes numb

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