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  1. patrick wrote,

    David wright scorching
    Teddy Ballgame shakes his head
    summer slump ahead

  2. Michael X. Ferraro wrote,

    The loose luggage of Jonathan Lucroy
    Makes it tough for Brew Crew fans to enjoy
    This stretch of the season
    As they squirm with unease
    And wonder why a valise would destroy?

  3. James Motz wrote,

    Double E6

    Peralta sees the hardball skip
    Sees the speedy runner tip
    To slide for second, flips
    The ball to force… no? Oh sh**!
    How’s he safe? Man, better get
    Ready for the next man’s hit
    Campana’s fast, let it rip!
    Bang bang out! No?! Frick!
    Umps call safe – here’s the Skip
    Doesn’t matter, Cubs are slick
    And set for win. Jhonny spits
    his disgust. Tomorrow…

    …he will hit.

  4. Mark Smith wrote,

    Tigers’ Wrigley Haiku

    Tigers at Wrigley
    Victory thrown to the wind
    Sweet Home Chicago

  5. Michael X. Ferraro wrote,

    Only In Baseball

    Foul poles which are fair,
    the hidden ball trick.
    Ivy-covered walls,
    Willie and The Mick.
    Baltimore chops,
    in-between hops.
    Don’t you love the
    stale gum from Topps?
    The bullpen phone,
    two-out rally.
    Farm league down South
    name of Sally.
    Lazy pop flies,
    hustle base hits.
    Phantom D.P.’s,
    battles of wits.
    Nice guys finish last,
    The Babe called his blast.
    Insurance runs
    and radar guns.
    Rain delays, then
    lost in the sun.
    Dropping a hammer
    can buckle the knees.
    With ducks on the pond,
    a suicide squeeze?

  6. Michael X. Ferraro wrote,

    Homer Most Foul
    (Deep Thoughts with Carlos Gomez)

    I lead off the game with a blast to the stands.
    Easing into a trot I’m clapping my hands.
    The headlines will read “A Tone-Setting Hero”!
    But… hey, why’s the scoreboard still stuck on zero?

  7. Michael X. Ferraro wrote,

    Stop One Upton Me Already

    The hundredth homer by my brother
    Inspires my rebuttal– another.

  8. Michael X. Ferraro wrote,

    October On A Shoestring

    Those Oakland A’s are on the pennant track,
    With Billy Beane stalking the giants like Jack.
    Up the standings they rise,
    A low-budget surprise–
    The “Moneyball” Crew is back in the black.

  9. michael galer wrote,

    The Tigers hope in 5 thru 9

    All will be forgiven’
    If we keep on livin’
    Oh 5 thru 9 please get on base

    I’m not lyin
    I’ve been cryin
    When you’re up to bat in your place

    The hittin coach is at fault, the nerve!
    He never taught you to hit the curve.
    Oh 5 thru 9 you can ding their ace.

    You could really help down the stretch
    Maybe it’s Roy’s “Wonderboy” you could fetch
    Oh 5 thru 9 join the chase

    Only 10 games remain
    All year you have driven me insane
    Oh 5 thru 9 please help us win the race

  10. Bradley Peraino wrote,

    Detroit Tigers 2012
    Miggy won the Triple Crown; MVP is no debate.
    Prince has also put up big while standing at the plate.
    J.V. is up for the CY Young; his second in two years.
    Max, has been unhittable; he leaves the field to cheers.

    Jackson ran the center field, he never left his feet.
    Berry couldn’t be thrown out, he just has too much heat. Avila caught the balls and strikes, with a little help from Laird. Peralta and Infante; a descent middle once they’re paired.

    Valverde heads the bullpen, with Dotel, Benoit and Coke. When Alburquerque gets brought in, he’s always throwing smoke. Dirks has come through in the clutch; he’s this year’s big surprise. The ball has looked a little big in Delmon’s DH eyes.

    The team was led by Leyland; the boss, the chief, the skip. He guided them through every game, McClendon on his hip. This awesome baseball season has been brought to us by God. And, almost every play I watched this year, was called by Mario and Rod.

    ~ Bradley A. Peraino

  11. Bradley Peraino wrote,

    I hope you all enjoy!

  12. James Finn Garner wrote,

    Hey, Thanks, Bradley! We’ll get this up soon, probably this week. How’d you hear about us?

  13. Michael X. Ferraro wrote,


    Pitcher Al Alburquerque
    With a move some found jerky
    Got to “first base” with a ball.
    When he nabbed a comebacker
    And gave it a wet smacker,
    It made all the A’s want to brawl.

  14. Jim Healey wrote,

    By Jim Healey c 2002
    When the starter starts to struggle
    So you think he might be hexed
    Just replace him with the trio
    That makes batters nervous wrecks
    That set of fearsome firemen
    Will have those hitters vexed
    Mr. Rogers, Mr. Jackson and
    That awesome Mr. Beck

    When we lead by just a run
    And the game’s been neck and neck
    We can call on those three stoppers
    Those three aces in our deck
    Those Giant mow-em-downers
    Loved a bushel and a peck
    Mr. Rogers, Mr. Jackson and
    That awesome Mr. Beck

    If our starters never finish
    We might say, “Oh, what the heck.”
    Who cares who gets the victory
    When all four have thrown that spec
    We’ll rejoice in having hurlers
    Whose arms are so high tech
    Mr. Rogers, Mr. Jackson and
    That awesome Mr. Beck

  15. Jim Healey wrote,

    I’ve got an epic poem on the history of Seals Stadium but it’s 160 stanzas long!

  16. Raphael Badagliacca wrote,


    uplifting fall

  17. Raphael Badagliacca wrote,


    east & west
    best of best

  18. Raphael Badagliacca wrote,

    Say YES to NO

    This much we know
    To close the door
    It helps to have
    A name that ends in NO

    If the Sandman cannot show
    We need the other NO

  19. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Drugs In Baseball (Part 2)
    -with thanks to Carl White

    A friend remarked: Sometimes ignorance
    is indeed bliss. It allowed us, for a while, something
    we could believe in, in what we were seeing.

    Knowledge to the contrary has jaded us,
    has swept away our innocence,
    has tainted awe and trustworthiness.

  20. patrick wrote,

    it has been some time
    the sunshine in Flushing rare
    Enter Matt Harvey

  21. David Adler wrote,

    Born Blue

    I grew up with Garvey and Cey
    And Russell and Lopes every day
    Sutton on the hill
    Lasorda so shrill
    My heart lived off Stadium Way

  22. Edmund Conti wrote,

    And in Conclusion

    Yale won the Frozen Four so the Sox can win the series.
    That, says my wife, is a non sequitur.
    Well, if she doesn’t like my theories
    Then I say the hequitur.

  23. Edmund Conti wrote,


    A tale of a batter renowned
    His exploit will always be known.
    While the pitcher was taking the mound
    Our hero struck out on his own.

  24. Louise wrote,

    The Yanks rotate and twist
    We don’t know what the phsst
    Who’s on first is a riff
    Mark’s thumb is a stiff
    Now the A team is the DL list!

  25. Pat McCaughey wrote,

    37 Major League Names to Sing To

    Tate Mee Ott Tutor Ball Gomes.
    Tate Mee Ott Tutor Crouse.
    Brye Meacham Peterson Crocker Hack.
    Hoy Dent Karnuth Hoy Evers Gibbs Brack.
    Foor Fritz Root, Root, Root, Forster Holm Teahen.
    Imlay Dent Wynn Acker Sain.
    Foor Fritz Jahn, Drew, Troy Sykes Yde Houk
    Acker Olt Ball Gomes.

  26. Bob Carlton wrote,

    The Wambsganss Cure

    line drive–
    a plague
    of baserunners
    heal of the glove

  27. Bob Carlton wrote,


    A game of pepper–
    flattened grass keeps getting
    back up.

  28. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Spring Training

    It’s not yet “for real,” but hearing
    Baseball talked about on my TV –
    Now we’re into March – is a seasoning,
    Is a mental “pinch” of expectation, is
    A grind of future hardball-and-wood.

  29. Philip Pecorino wrote,

    Opening Day 2014

    What a wonder!
    This year it was in the land down under.

    Then again, it began.
    Way out West came the first test.

    Californians appear in the lead
    Until the rest get up to speed .

  30. Steven D. Johnson wrote,

    Redbird October

    I love America
    I love Fall
    I love October
    I love baseball

    Now September is here
    October is near!
    “Let’s Go Cardinals!”
    The St. Louis fans cheer

    In unwritten October saga
    who will get the win?
    Waino, Miller, Wacha,
    Lackey, and Lance Lynn!

    It’s the top of the first and the Cards field with grace
    Bourjos in center field to Wong at second base
    Then top of the lineup, Matheny will say,
    “is Carpenter, Jay, and Matt Holliday”

    I love America. I love Fall.
    I love St. Louis Cardinals baseball!

    Now it’s bottom of the fifth. Our first baseman is at bat –
    last name Adams, first name Matt
    With Peralta on deck and Molina in the hole
    the Redbirds will surely give it body and soul

    In Busch Stadium – baseball heaven
    “Go Cards!” is our song
    “Go Waino!” “Go Wacha!”
    “Go Yadi!” “Go Wong!”

    Now in the 7th
    from the bullpen is sought
    Maness or Freeman
    Martinez or Motte

    The Cards lead by one
    and our pitchers get the call
    8th inning Neshek
    9th Rosenthal!

    I love America
    I love Fall
    I love October
    and I love baseball!

    -Steven D. Johnson

  31. Steven D. Johnson wrote,

    Baseball Record

    Five Hundred Eleven – the wins of Cy
    near Three Sixty Seven – the bat of Ty
    But in baseball heaven, just blink an eye…
    and records will be broken

    Just look at Babe Ruth – Seven Hundred Fourteen
    To tell you the truth, his home runs were seen
    to hold a record not passed – thirty-nine years, ‘till alas
    Hank Aaron’s bat was woken

    Yet there is a record that will ever stand,
    but it’s not Ted Williams, and it’s not Stan the Man
    don’t look to Tris Speaker, don’t bank on Pete Rose
    for this baseball record every ball-player knows
    belongs, yes it does, to another

    It’s not for stolen bases – though Oakland’s a believer
    nor is it held by aces – like Gibson, Ford, or Seaver
    No, the sole baseball mark that will hold in every park
    belongs to father, son, and brother

    The record that won’t break, held through highs and heartache,
    is going seven for seven, every baseball season week
    since 1911 – now that is quite a feat!
    It’s keeping baseball alive since 1925
    It’s zero games missed since 1886
    It’s giving ballplayers a reason
    to thrive in baseball season

    Yes, the only baseball record
    that will maintain its stand
    belongs to the beloved,
    committed baseball fans!

    -Steven D. Johnson

  32. Philip Pecorino wrote,

    Baseball Quickened?

    Baseball’s “Pace of Game” committee
    wants to make it more speedy.
    But, in an effort to quicken the paces
    what may be lost of the game’s subtle graces?

    Baseball was once the game
    that made the claim
    it had no clock.
    But, now it seems
    there are several schemes
    to attend to the tick-tock.

    To appease the fans,
    mostly not in the stands,
    with ever shorter attention spans
    there are several initiatives
    by baseball executives
    to pick up the pace:
    one by keeping batters in their place
    another still to consider
    would discourage pitchers who dither.

    Where will it end
    to get fans to attend?
    Perhaps, better baseball education
    leads to better attention.

  33. Mike Cesarano wrote,

    Amen, the game quickens and the subtleties are lost.

  34. Debbie McLeod wrote,

    first sweethearts, the Cubs –
    dumped them for the Mariners –
    they fight for my love

  35. Nathan Rudy wrote,

    SPRING, 2015

    My Mets will win games, that much is clear,
    With Harvey, deGrom and some others this year.
    If Cuddyer can hit, and Flores finds his mitt,
    We won’t toss Alderson out on his ear.

    But the best is out west, in the dry Vegas air,
    Pitching their hearts out as arm tendons tear.
    Matz, Monterro and Thor have made themselves great,
    But can’t reach the majors ‘til 21 days late.

    So fans of the Mets will continue to fret,
    Their ownership’s bank account hasn’t recovered yet,
    And hope for a year when we surpass eighty-one,
    And get to the playoffs ‘fore this century’s done.

  36. David Aretha wrote,

    No Relief

    By David Aretha

    The Tigers can hit
    And everyone knows it,
    Yet it don’t mean a thing
    When the bullpen can’t close it.

    Detroiters may reign
    As kings of the Central,
    But they’ll never go farther
    When the bullpen is mental.

    Valverde chugged water,
    Swirled and spit,
    And then he’d cough up
    The game-winning hit.

    Benoit filled in nicely,
    But then he got sloppy,
    Serving a granny
    To the mighty Big Papi.

    “We need a sure thing;
    Get Nathan, dog gone it.”
    But his heater ain’t working;
    He’s got nothing on it.

    Dombrowski’s a genius;
    Stole J.D. from the ’Stros,
    But because of their bullpen,
    They got swept by the O’s.

    I’d deal to the Devil
    Miguel Cabrera
    If only he’d trade me
    Mariano Rivera.

  37. Michael Higgins wrote,

    My fellow baseball fan Paul Kocak suggested that I submit this obviously derivative poem about the 2015 SF Giants:

    so much depends

    a Belt at

    frozen by heat

    the black

  38. Paul Kocak wrote,

    “Hope” is the thing with pennants*

    “Hope” is the thing with pennants –
    That perches on the heart –
    And sings the tune without the words –
    And never stops – till done –

    And sweetest – in the Yard – is heard –
    And sore must be the arm –
    The tiny splash of one ball’s arc
    Scribing wingèd Victory –

    I’ve heard it in the chillest land –
    And on the foggiest Cove –
    That – never – in Eternity,
    Did three-ringed Giants swoon – nor fold.

    *with apologies to Emily Dickinson

  39. Debbie McLeod wrote,

    You can take the girl out of Chicago,
    And she can live happily in Seattle, but…


    O Mariners! I am about
    To lose all hope in you.
    Longest active post-season drought?
    It makes me feel so blue.

    But – my heart took a journey
    Up to heaven with Ernie,
    And my Cubs dreams may finally come true!

  40. F. X. Flinn wrote,

    Gravity’s Rainbow

    Escobar slashing launching
    the booming start
    like a kid’s first rocket
    the pill going suborbital

    speeding to splashdown
    in deepest left center
    two destroyers of hits
    a joint Cuban – Ecotopian op

    the fog of roar leaves
    them blind to signals
    the payload misses
    the web deployed

    in an instant they see
    the horsehide capsule spinning
    on the surface and then it’s gone
    like Grissom’s Liberty Bell 7

    Escobar breaks the siege
    races home and later
    on the bench winded
    applies a pinch on his arm

  41. Biaya Kuliah wrote,

    Let’s sing song.

  42. stu shea wrote,

    Fair Ball Lined into His Nuts
    Stu Shea

    The bigger they are, the more they hurt…
    So Juan Uribe got a just dessert
    With a liner in the groin.
    And that’s not a roll of coins,
    And he’s NOT happy to see you.

  43. stu shea wrote,

    The Mets Have a New Outfielder
    Stu Shea

    Brandon Nimmo
    Sure ain’t no dimmo.
    Don’t come from Pismo and
    Don’t use no gizmo.
    When viewed thru a prismo
    He just wants what’s hismo.
    And if he hits like a wizmo
    The Mets will not quiz mo’.

  44. Monica DeRee wrote,

    Blue skies and green grass
    A partner in crime to watch time pass
    Sacks of peanuts and beers in hand
    Everyone yelling “Out!” as loud as they can
    Boxes filled with play after play
    A ballpark dog eaten only one way
    Lights brighten the night as the sun dies down
    Last cheer erupts as the winning pitch leaves the mound

  45. Raphael Badagliacca wrote,

    Yanks 5 Royals 4, September 1 in the wee hours

    in inning thirteen
    see how Betances dances
    catching the ball in between
    and behind his legs
    for a double play
    that puts the game away
    in inning thirteen

  46. Raphael Badagliacca wrote,

    Yanks 7, Royals 6, September 6

    This is how it ends:
    Two outs bases full
    Fragile one run lead
    Smoak sends the ball
    To the top of the wall
    Gardner finds in his glove
    Something better than true love.

  47. Monica DeRee wrote,

    Rest in Peace

    With the Royals in need
    the universe responded
    thus the Rally Mantis was born.

    A beautiful gift
    for this suffering team
    bringing eighteen wins in his wake.

    But now he’s retired
    the Royals’ season is over,
    and the World Series will see new blood.

  48. Mark Vincent wrote,

    The Curse of the Billy Goat

    Billy Goat Curse
    10/06/1945 – 11/02/2016
    R. I. P.

    It started in game four of forty-five
    When Murphy, Billy’s goat, came to the game
    The Cubbies led the series, were alive
    About to claim some World Series fame.

    The goat smelled bad and he was asked to leave
    His owner, Billy, wasn’t very happy
    He cursed the team; they lost. Chicago grieved.
    The decades since, well they have just been crappy.

    But that, my friends, is finally in the past
    That blasted curse has now been laid to rest
    The pennant, then the Series won at last
    The Cubs can now stand proud, they are the best!

    In seven games, and then an extra inning
    Chicago’s Cubs have found a new beginning!

    ©R. Mark Vincent 4 November 2016

  49. Monica DeRee wrote,

    Colón’s Legacy

    Colón’s a fan favorite
    At age forty-three
    Returned to New York
    Crowd screaming “Big Sexy!”

    A Braves pitcher now
    Bartolo took the mound
    Struck out six
    Only one run allowed

    Big Sexy’s reign continues
    We must watch in awe
    His solo home run
    Still the best we ever saw

  50. Monica DeRee wrote,

    Colón’s Legacy

    Colón’s a fan favorite
    At age forty-three
    Returned to New York
    Crowd screaming “Big Sexy!”

    A Braves pitcher now
    Bartolo took the mound
    Struck out six
    Only one run allowed

    Big Sexy’s reign continues
    We must watch in awe
    His two run home run
    Still the best we ever saw

    (Revised from above)

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